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Female/Cis/17/Panromantic Grey-A/Taken

Hey hey, guys! I'm CG, just a senior stuck in Arizona. I'm a lover of video games and everything to do with them, so you'll see a ton of that, as well as content from Let's Players. Aside from that, I'm a bit obsessed with Rooster Teeth; Red vs Blue, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, RT Shorts, Animated Adventures, and Immersion all included in that.

I dream of being an indie game developer, but at this point, I'd be just as happy being a video game designer for some company. I'd also love being a Let's Player, but we'll see.

Some of my major fandoms are: Rooster Teeth, Pokemon, Persona, Steam Powered Giraffe, Legend of Zelda, Agents of SHIELD, X-Men, The Walking Dead, Earthbound, and more recently South Park.

If you ever need something tagged, have a question, or just want to chat, please don't be afraid to pop on in to my ask box!

I’m sure you’re tired of my whining by now. I’m sure you don’t care how bad I feel. I’m sure you don’t believe I’m truly depressed. That’s okay though. It’s okay if you hate me. It’s okay you think I’m lying.

I’ll always love you anyway. I’ll just pretend it doesn’t hurt me <3

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